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Caring for our National Park

One of the biggest challenges of all National Parks is to achieve a balance between tourism and conservation. Careful planning and management is needed to ensure a harmonious relationship between a successful tourism industry, the natural environment and those that live in the National Park.

Here we help with communities, land owners and local businesses to develop initiatives which help visitors to enjoy the National Park and which raise money for local conservation projects.

Jon Monks, a local shepherd, has produces twelve unique walks which describe the National Park from the working shepherd’s point of view. As well as providing wonderful walks for visitors to the area, Jon understands that tourism businesses have a responsibility for the environment in which they operate and has agreed to donate a percentage of the sales of the leaflets to conservation projects in the park.

Recently, his donations went towards funding an innovative path and habitat improvement project in the Simonside Hills near Rothbury. Some paths had become badly eroded to the point where the surrounding moorland was also suffering from wear and tear. Helicopters were used to transport many tonnes of stone to the most affected areas and Rangers have been laying this down to provide a durable walking surface.

For more information on Shepherds Walks see his website at: