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Climate chaos baffles visitors

Walking enthusiasts Bryan and Pat Clarke got an all weather welcome when they came to Northumberland to collect a competition prize. In the space of a few hours they were treated to spring, summer and winter weather, with thick snow, heavy rain and clear blue skies with brilliant sunshine.


Mr and Mrs Clarke travelled to Thropton in Northumberland from Sutton-at-Home, in Kent, after winning a short-break holiday in a contest. The competition was organised by Northumberland County Council as part of its fight to boost visitor numbers in the wake of the foot and mouth out-break.

Mr Clarke, a self-employed printer, and his wife, were given a personal escort on a walk around the Rothbury area and Cheviot hills by shepherd Jon Monks, who designed it.

“We used to travel through Northumberland to Scotland, then we stopped off here a few times,” said Mr Clarke. “The countryside is really nice and we know it doesn’t always rain here.”

Mr Monks said “They certainly got a good insight into Northumbrian weather.”