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Tue 23rd May 2017

Happy Valley Nordic Walk

Happy Valley Nordic Walk

The forecast for the day was for rain but everyone was prepared for it.  Most of the group met in Wooler, we met our latest newbies, John, Jen, Val, Donna and Mary.  We car shared to the start where we met up with Alistaiir, Kirsten and Paul.  Poles were handed out, warm up and quick instruction for the newbies and off we headed.

Ruth was at the front and lead everyone to the bottom of the hill we were going to climb.  As always I told everyone to walk at their own pace, stop if they needed to and enjoy.

At the top of the hill there was a waymarker with two choices left and right on checking the GPS we headed right and we could see Hedgehope and Cheviot.

After the ascent everyone was pleased to hear that the rest of the walk was relatively flat. 

We passed Middleton Old Town, where there are 2 rundown houses, Bob went to investigate.  We took the opportunity to eat lunch as it stopped raining, Ruth had her spork to eat her halloumi and orzo pasta whilst Val had proper cutlery to eat her avocado!  We are getting very posh in our picnics.

We headed down towards Colgate Mill and the ford, we crossed the bridge rather than plodge through the ford where a group photo on the bridge.

We walked through the short stretch of woodland which was stunning and got to a field which had about 20 calves in.  They showed some interest in the group but not enough to follow us.

We got back to the cars and drove back to Wooler and headed to the Breeze Café. 

Thank you to everyone who came along, I hope you enjoyed this walk.  Thanks to Ruth for her help as volunteer.

The next Nordic walk is on Saturday 10th June in Morpeth and Bothal.  I hope to see you then.

Sun 7th May 2017

Northumberland Coastal Challenge 2017

Northumberland Coastal Challenge 2017

On Monday 1st May 250 walkers took part in the 2017 Northumberland Coastal Challenge Walk.

After registering in Alnmouth they got transferred to North of Bamburgh to Budle Bay to start their 26 mile walk back to Alnmouth.

Please enjoy the YouTube film and pictures.

Tue 25th April 2017

Pilgrims Way Easter 2017

Pilgrims Way Easter 2017

A bright but windy morning greeted the group as we assembled at the Barn at Beal.  After a short safety brief about walking along the causeway road.  We were off following a cycle track down to the start of the causeway.  Being a bank holiday weekend a constant stream of traffic was heading for the Island making the crossing of the single track road bridge interesting.

Once across we stepped down on to the sand/slime and started to head for the first of many poles showing the way across the sands.  Within yards we had splodged through the first of many pools and streamlets.  With the wind on our backs the going was reasonable and made even better by the fact Mike found it difficult to witter above the sound of the wind.  

Some were Mike directed us away from the poles which lead you through a very slimy boggy marshy stretch.  After a while mike redirected us back to the poles and eventually as we neared the Island we had to cross two stretches of fairly fast running water.  On reaching the Holy Island the next priority was shelter from the wind so we could have lunch.  Some braved the crowds to find a coffee and comfort stop.  A couple of us found some shelter behind the carpark wall (we saw a swallow).

After about 30min or so a couple decided to head back along the pilgrims way, a short time later another couple decided to head back, then some others decided to head back.  Eventually Mike started back with the last of the group.  The walk back was straight into the cold wind and it became a head down and just plod on.

Once back on the mainland some shelter from the wind was given by the hedges but it was up hill all the way back to Beal.  A coffee and cake plus a rest room proved to be was need before heading home.