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Wed 19th August 2015

Rock Art Tour of the Cheviot HIlls

Rock Art Tour of the Cheviot HIlls

We gathered on a fine Sunday morning with stunning views towards the Cheviot hills providing a backdrop for our initial briefing. This was to be a walk with a difference because, we were anticipating seeing some of the best examples of Neolithic Rock Art in Northumberland, as we progressed through the day. We headed south from Doddington and made our way to Weetwood Moor where we picked up a transfer to Chatton Hill. The rock panels were all located at places with extraordinary views. Indeed, this may have been a part of their purpose. Earlier people saying, ‘This is our place in the landscape’. We noted the different motifs on the rock panels and talked about their possible meaning. A meaning , which of course, is essentially lost to us.

We took lunch at Weetwood Bridge the walls of which are at a perfect height for walkers to sit on! We walked 7 miles with relative ease. The only four legged member of the group showing no signs of tiring. The rock shelter at the end, discreetly hidden in the hillside bracken, was spectacular. It provided a fitting finale to our day.

Some of the group were interested in my wife’s next art exhibition which will feature some interpretive prints of rock carvings. This will be at the Holy Biscuit Factory, near the Biscuit Factory, in Newcastle. November 16-22nd. I’ll be at the Preview 18.30 - 20.30 on Monday 16th. Maybe see you there.

We had a good day and thank you all for joining us.

Roy Kennard  (Hillguide)
Moira Smith (Volunteer)

Sun 9th August 2015

St Cuthbert's Way Challenge Walk - 2015

St Cuthbert's Way Challenge Walk - 2015

Well done to everybody who completed the 2015 St Cuthbert's Way Challenge Walk.

We had some great weather and the light breeze kept the walkers cool whilst enjoying the stunning route on a warm August day.

Please enjoy the YouTube film from the day.

Mon 27th July 2015

25/07/2015 Nordic Walk - Cresswell and Druridge Bay

25/07/2015 Nordic Walk - Cresswell and Druridge Bay

This Nordic walk is another one of my favourites for two reasons. 

One is the fantastic Druridge Bay beach which is amazing to Nordic Walk along and the other is the Drift Cafe in Cresswell.

Unusally for one of our Nordic walks there were very no men and only a few regulars but we had 4 ladies who had never tried Nordic walking before, a couple who had tried it before and a couple who had only been walking with us a couple of times.

I met up at 10 am for a teaching session with the newbies and some people who wanted a quick refresher on the technique.  I handed around poles, (as you don't have to have your own) and we headed down to the sand as it is a great place to learn.

Everyone picked up the routine really well and we met the rest of the group ready for our day ahead.

As always we did our usual warm up as I explained the route, basically this was straight up the beach with the sea on our right!

We headed off and the group soon got into their stride with everyone going at their own pace and chatting away.  They soon noticed that it was more difficult walking on the softer sand and walked as near to the waters edge as they could get without plodging.

Some of the new members of the group asked me to check their technique (as everyone knows this is my favourite part of being a Nordic walking instructor).

We stopped to let everyone catch up and have a drink when Glynis said she had 2 left gloves.  I swapped with her and I walked with only one glove.  This is not easy as the glove is the most important piece of equipment.

As we were walking along one of our new members, Irene, ended up sitting on the sand with her sister Christine laughing at her.  Cue photograph!  I asked how she had fallen over and we soon found out it was because she had fallen over her pole.  This was because she had brought her pole too far forward.  I walked along with them to explain how this had happened.

We reached Druridge Bay Country Park for a half an hour comfort break, some ate lunch others just had a cup of tea and used the facilities. 

A quick call to Sharon (one of our regulars) who was going to meet us for tea and cake and we headed straight back down to Cresswell, interestingly people were walking quicker back, I would like to think it was the harder sand we were walking on but perhaps it was the lure of cake???

We met Sharon at the point of us turning off to head up to Cresswell.  We did a few stretches and headed back to the cars and the Drift Cafe.

We had the opportunity to sit outside as it was warm enough and dry and when everyone had their refreshments.  Apple cake, Date and walnut scones, chocolate brownies to name a few.

I let everyone know about the walks I was planning up to the end of 2015, ie Holy Island (August), Humbleton Hill (September), Craster (October), Herrington Park and Penshaw Monument (November) and a December walk with mulled wine and mince pies.

I hope everyone had a fantastic day and enjoyed the walk.  I know I did and I really look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Julie x