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Wed 7th May 2014

Northumberland Coastal Challenge 2014

Northumberland Coastal Challenge 2014

Well done to everybody who completed this years 26.2 mile Northumberland Coastal Challenge walk on Monday.

We had just under 250 people take part in the stunning challenge walk.

After checking in at Alnmouth all the walkers (and a few runners) got bussed to Budle Bay, north of Bamburgh to start there journey along the Northumberland Coast back to Alnmouth.

Please enjoy the YouTube film and you can view all the official pictures taken on the day underneath it.

Tue 29th April 2014

Pen-y-Ghent - Yorkshire Dales

Pen-y-Ghent - Yorkshire Dales

It was a damp journey down to the Yorkshire Dales and as we passed Whernside in the people carrier we could not even see the base of the mountain from the road, never mind the top but as we pulled into Horton of Ribblesdale there seemed to be a slight break in the weather.

As we pulled on our walking gear ready to start our walk the sun came out and for the mist lifted a little and we got our first glimpse of Pen-y-Ghent through the clouds and as we set off the waterproof over layers soon got peeled off as we settled into a gradual climb as we all warmed up.
The group where all fit and managed well.

On the same day the Three Peaks fell race was taking place so as we approached the main path up to Pen-y-Ghent we were treated to what looked liked a row of ants flowing down from the higher ground. We all took a few moments to marvel at the fitness of these hardy folk before the big climb started for ourselves.

About three quarters up the climb we found a great sheltered spot to enjoy out lunch with a great view over to Ingleborough and Whernside away to the right. With this size of group we had great conversation and with everybodyís fitness being so evenly matched it made for a real team feeling.

The final climb to the summit quickly warmed us all back up and as we reached the summit we had great views of this special part of the country.From the summit we steeply dropped down and thankfully with the ground and rocky ground being dry under foot it made it far easier than it could have been. It was just a case of just taking our time to ensure we all got down safely.The final decent was a lot more gradual and spirits where high as we kept finding parts of trekking poles under our feet which kept us all amused.

A great day was had by all and looking back at the day, how lucky where we with the weather.

Mon 21st April 2014

Craster Nordic Walk

Craster Nordic Walk

As Jane had hurt her foot, Julie led this walk.

Everyone was nice and punctual on this chilly and blustery morning and after chatting to another group of walkers, who asked who we were and what we were doing with poles, we warmed up in the car park and set off.
The first part of the walk took us down the road towards the harbour and the group turned left for the walk towards Dunstanburgh Castle.  The group soon stretched as the two men in the group set off at a very quick pace, only slowed down by the gates where they gallantly waited for the rest of us.  Beth asked if we could find places that werenít as beautiful as she had to keep stopping to take photographs.  

As we skirted around the bottom of the Castle, I was pleased to see that there was a vast expanse of beach that we could drop onto meaning we could put our Nordic walking technique into practice.  After stopping for a few seconds so that the golfers could tee off we headed down to the sand and everyone found the harder sand and set off, this time it was two of the ladies who took up the front position.  We walked a fair bit along the sand before turning round to finish off the rest of the walk.  Although I think everyone would have been just as pleased to stay on the beach.

Next came a part of the walk that was on paths, passing the limekiln and many pillboxes.  Everyone loved the scenery and the pace was a good one.  The stops came when we got to gates as nobody wanted to stop otherwise because it was too cold and windy once you stopped.

We headed through a field of sheep and their lambs who were lying on the footpath but who werenít interested in us.  Cue more photographs from Beth.  We skirted around a field rather than dropping down onto the road.

We were coming to the end of the walk and someone asked how far we had walked.  Martinís GPS said 5.12 miles.  

We then dropped through the trees back to the car park where we finished off with cool down and stretches.  

Everyone said they had enjoyed the walk, could feel that they had worked their shoulders and arms.  

Most of us headed to the Kipper Bun van for a sandwich and a cuppa before leaving to go home.

This was a good Nordic walk as there were lots of long stretches whereby we could all get into our swing and go at our pace.  Thank you to everyone for coming along and I hope to see you again soon.