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St Cuthberts Way Challenge Walk 2013 - Guided

  • Distance: 19.5 miles
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Your Guide:
  • Maximum number of places per day: 15
  • Price Per Person: £27.50

walk notes

Please note - You are to late to receive a T-shirt after the event. Therefore you are being charges £27.50, rather than £32.50

This 19.5 mile cross border challenge takes in the best section of St Cuthbert’s Way as you start walking in Scotland and finish in England.

After registration in Wooler you will meet the guide and with then will be transferred up to Morebattle to start the walk. You initially will be guided up Grubbit Law, before folloing the ridge over Wideopen Hill (the highest point on St Cuthbert’s Way at 368m) and then over Crookedshaws Hill before dropping down to Town Yetholm. This section of the challenge walk is truly stunning with the Cheviots to the South and the Scottish Borders to the north.

After leaving Yetholm you then be guided up to the border ridge where you pass from Scotland into England before dropping down to Hethpool.

From Hethpool the route passes just south of Kirknewton as you pass in between ancient hill settlements in such a picturesque but rugged landscape as you make your way back to Wooler.

Throughout the challenge walk you will pass through checkpoints with water available on all of them and snacks on one. Emergency first aid is provided and if you drop out during the walk we will take you back to Wooler.

A truly special challenge walk passing along the best section of St Cuthbert’s Way as you make your way from Scotland back into England before receiving a well deserved welcome back after completing a true challenge.