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Challenge Walks in Northumberland

Challenge Walks in Northumberland

Tue 22nd May 2012

Challenge Walks in Northumberland, what is it all about?

Below I have answered some of the main questions we get asked about our Challenge Walks in Northumberland.

Are these Challenge Walks in Northumberland guided or self guided? - All the challenge walks (except Cragside which has a guided option) are self guided. You will be sent the route beforehand, but all the challenge walks we hold in Northumberland will be waymarked to make for an enjoyable day.

What distances are the challenge walks in Northumberland? - They vary in length
May - Coastal Challenge Walk - 26 miles
June - Cragside Challenge Walk - 13 miles
August - St Cuthbert's Way Challenge - 18 miles
September - Kielder Challenge - 25.2 miles

Do we have to check in at the start? - On the day you will check in at the start of the day. At this point you will be given a punchcard which you will get stamped as you pass through each of the checkpoints. This punch card enables us to keep track of where you are on route and also is proof you have completed the walk.

Are the challenge walks linear or circular? - Both the Northumberland Coastal Challenge walk and St Cuthbert's Way Challenge walk are linear. Therefore after checking in you will be bussed to the start of each of these walks. The Cragside and Kielder challenge walks are circular walks.

What happens if I can't complete the challenge walk and is there food and water provided? - Donít worry we have support vehicles that brings participants back if they are unable to complete the challenge. We encourage people to make it to the next checkpoint, but if you canít donít worry we will get you off the route and back to the registration point.

Each of the checkpoints will also be water stations, with a number of them having bottled water on. One checkpoint will also have fruit and often other food on. Also on some challenge walks hot drinks are available at some of the checkpoints.

What happens if I injure myself? - Each of the Challenge Walks we hold in Northumberland has emergency first aid cover, which will be available throughout the day.

What do I get if I complete one of the Challenge Walks? - A big welcome back and a pat on the back. Also all our finishers receive an event T-shirt, refreshments and if you want a certificate please just request one.

All the challenge walks in Northumberland are a great day out, with like minded people enjoying a really good walk with the reassurance that somebody is there in case anything goes wrong.

Please do come along and join us. For more information about any of the events please click here.

Posted By: Alison Sparrow | Thu 14th June 2012

We have done a number of your challenge walks and enjoyed every one.

Well organised, friendly staff and good routes. I wear the T-shirts with pride after each of the walks.

Looking forward to the St Cuthbert's Challenge this year as we have not walked that much in that area and thought of walking from Scotland into England is exciting.

Thanks to you and all your team.

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