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Heading into the countryside, what do I need?

Heading into the countryside, what do I need?

Fri 6th April 2012

One of the most common questions we get asked is what equipment do I need to get out walking in the countryside?

Clothing and Equipment for countryside walks

Dress for the conditions and please be prepared for rain, it is Northumberland after all.  A quick check of the local weather forecast in the morning will help you decide what to wear and take with you.

Walking equipment - Essentials

•    Walking boots or walking shoes and comfortable socks (why not try out some Capricorn Mohair Socks).
•    No denim jeans, walking trousers are best.
•    A waterproof jacket and over trousers.
•    Hat and gloves and/ or a sunhat for sunny days.
•    Sun cream or sun block.
•    Personal first aid kit (donít forget blister plasters).
•    Any personal medication that you are currently using, clearly labelled and easily accessible in the top lid pocket of rucksack is the usual advice.
•    Water to keep you hydrated.
•    Extra layers, many thin layers are better than one thick one.
•    A picnic lunch and some snacks.
•    A plastic survival bag is worth its weight in gold for all sorts of uses, everyone should carry one in the bottom of their sack.
•    A small rucksack to carry it all in. Please remember many rucksacks are not waterproof, so put your items in plastic bags.
•    Ordnance Survey Map and ideally your Shepherds Walk.

Walking equipment - Other things you may fancy taking with you.

•    A camera (why not e-mail your walk pictures to Shepherds Walks).
•    Binoculars
•    Walking poles
•    Eye protection - sun glasses or safety glasses/goggles as appropriate for the conditions.
•    Mosquito net for certain locations at particular seasons e.g. Kielder Forest & Kielder Water.

Try and take enough equipment for all eventualities, but donít weigh yourself down with a heavy rucksack as often this can totally sap any energy you have.

If you think I have missed anything please do leave a comment below.

Posted By: Phil Pryce | Fri 16th August 2013

What about a compass, GPS (possibly) and a whistle (for emergencies), plus knowledge to use them appropriately? :-)

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