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How to use Garmin Basecamp - transferring routes

How to use Garmin Basecamp - transferring routes

Thu 9th August 2012

Over recent months Garmin BaseCamp software has become very popular. It is free software that works in conjunction with your Garmin GPS and enables you to view your maps, plan routes and lots more.

If you buy a Garmin GPS from Shepherds Walks you get a free copy of How to use Garmin BaseCamp which I have written.

Below I have put an extract from this publication which shows you how to transfer your GPS co-ordinates and routes you have downloaded from our web site onto your unit using BaseCamp Software.

---- extract from How to use Garmin Basecamp, created by Shepherds Walks --------

Importing GPS waypoints and Route download from Shepherds Walks and transferring them to your GPS.

a. Once you have purchased your GPS co-ordinates from Shepherds Walks they end up in your ‘Members Section’. Therefore login into this (at top of Shepherds Walks homepage). On the left hand side of page click on ‘Downloads’. See Screenshot 1 in image library below.

b. Then click on download now. See Screenshot 2 in image library below.

c. Different browsers do this next bit in different ways but you need to save the waypoints to your computer, so select where you would like to save these (for example your desktop). See Screenshot 3 in image library below.

d. Now open up your Garmin BaseCamp Software (if not already open). If you have not already done this make sure the ‘activity profile’ is set up as ‘Direct’, not ‘Walking’.

e. Connect your GPS unit. After it has installed you will now see your unit’ appear under ‘devices’ in the top left frame. This also shows you (underneath) the mapping you have on your GPS. Mine is showing a ‘Northern England and Midland’ card installed.  See Screenshot 4 in image library below.

f. In BaseCamp click on ‘File’ the ‘Import’. Then browse your computer to find your recently saved route you saved after downloading it from Shepherds Walks and open it.

g.  You will now see the route appear in the ‘My Collection’ folder in the top left corner and also it will show the route on the map on the left hand side. See Screenshot 5 in image library below.

h. Right click on the route (in your My Collection folder) and select ‘Send to’. See Screenshot 6 in image library below.

i. Then select the ‘All Data’ folder on your GPS. See Screenshot 7 in image library below.

j. You have now sent the route to your GPS, enjoy your walk.


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