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Shepherds Diary - April

Shepherds Diary - April

Fri 1st April 2011

Lambing is here!

 You sit and wait and nature does what it does best. No point trying to rush things or being over anxious, nature will do everything in its own time.

This is fundamentally the most important time in the shepherd's year. You are creating your work (and hopefully money) for the coming year.

It can be a trying time, with sleepless nights and what can seem like a never ending list of problems.

It is a funny experience lambing day after day, you only see the problems. The fit ewe that has a lamb or two, which gets up, suckles and is all OK you don't really notice, except to glance over every day.

The ewe that has no milk, or has weak lambs, are the ones that take up your time. These are the ones you see five or six times a day. These are the ones that take up your time and energy. Many times it may not work out, but you have to give it 100% of your energy and skill to try.

The satisfaction at the end of it is worth all the effort.  When the fields are full of lambs then all the hard work and effort has all been worthwhile. 

This time next month the countryside will be truly full of lambs bleating for their mothers!


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