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The best Long Distance Trails in Northumberland

The best Long Distance Trails in Northumberland

Fri 8th June 2012

In my eyes to make it onto the list of the best long distance trails in Northumberland the walk has to be varied. I don’t want to walk for a week looking at the same type of landscape. I want the walking to vary from day to day.

Therefore these are my favourite long distance trails that we have or pass through Northumberland.

    St Oswald’s Way – I believe St Oswald’s way ticks all the boxes for a long distance trail. Starting at Holy Island it truly special for any walk then it passes down the stunning Northumberland Coastline before heading along the River Coquet to Rothbury.

    The next section of St Oswald’s Way taking you over The Siminside Hills gives you great views of where you have walked in previous days.

    Then to finish your walk at Heavenfield makes for a great climax to our best long distance trail we have in Northumberland.

    More information about the guide book options for The St Oswald’s Way Trail can be found here or for more information about walking holidays on St Oswald’s Way please just click here.

    Northumberland Coast Path – Northumberland is famous for its coastline and this walk will not fail to impress anybody.

    The Northumberland Coast path walk is littered with castles, stunning views and it passes through some lovely villages on route.

    With it being on the coast it is far flatter than other long distance trails in Northumberland so you can really enjoy some great walking.

    More information about the guide book options for Northumberland Coast path, also known as the North Sea Trail, can be found here or for more information about walking holidays on the Northumberland Coast Path please just click here.

    Hadrian’s Wall Trail – Any list of the best long distance trails in Northumberland would not be complete with mentioning the Hadrian’s Wall Trail.

    It is by far the most popular long distance path we have running through the Northumberland and the middle section it truly awe inspiring. Especially the section around Crag Lough and Housesteads.

    Please don’t right off the section through Newcastle. If you do the Hadrian’s Wall walk west to east you will be ready for a little bit of civilisation at the end. Stop for a pub lunch on the Newcastle key side or buy yourself a Cappuccino to celebrate your achievement.

More information about the guide book options for the Hadrian’s Wall Trail can be found here or for more information about walking holidays on Hadrian’s Wall please just click here.

There are other long distance routes that warrant a mention including St Cuthbert’s Way. It was hard to miss this off my list as I am a big fan of this walk, especially the section over Wideopen Hill between Morbattle and Kirk Yetholm, but as this section is actually in The Scottish Borders it was hard to put it on my list.

If you have any thoughts on my choice of the best long distance trails we have in Northumberland please do leave a comment below.

Posted By: Simon Hall | Fri 8th June 2012

Good overview on what is on offer. I walked Hadrian's Wall last year and had a great time. Found the middle section very hard but hopefully heading along The Coast Path this year.

Posted By: Claire Han**** | Fri 8th June 2012

This is a hard one as so many great long distance walks in Northumberland. I am a big fan on St Cuthbert's Way (hence booking on your challenge walk this year). It is to have a cross border walk in the area.

Posted By: Neil Evans | Fri 8th June 2012

I am a big fan of St Oswald's Way and agree about the varied landscape you talk about. It is very different tghroughout it's length.

We found the guidebook very good and we had both the maps and guidebook, but would not of fancied walking the whole trail with just the maps. Have you thought of GPS waypoints for the walk?

Posted By: Jon Monks | Fri 8th June 2012

Thanks Neil for your comments. You can download the GPS waypoints for St Oswald's Way online from the site at -

Hope that helps. Thanks, Jon (Shepherds Walks)

Posted By: Alistair McBrown | Sun 10th June 2012

I like the Northumberland Coast, but never walked the whole length yet. Think I will have to get around to it next year. Is it best to start from the north or south?

I will look at the guidebook you mention.

Really enjoy your newsletters, thanks.

Posted By: John Sparshatt | Fri 15th June 2012

I completed the 'Inn Way to Northumberland' (book by Mark Reid) a couple of years ago with friends and found this very varied with moorland, forest, riverside and coastal walking. Plenty of accommodation on route. This is a must to be included in this list.

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