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The journal of a Swedish student

The journal of a Swedish student

Tue 26th August 2014

Hello, my name is Egon Stenholm. Iím a nineteen year old student from Sweden. I study nature and adventure tourism at a school called RyssbyGymnasiet. I got an internship here at Shepherds Walks and Iím here for three weeks to get work experience in the guiding business and to learn how everything works with this kind of job so I will be prepared for the future. Following is a little journal of my workdays here at Shepherds Walks.

Let the journey begin!

Monday 11th August, first day of my internship. Nervous and exited for what to come. I walked in through the door and introduced myself and thatís the first time I met Jon Monks. Jon showed me around the building where Shepherds Walks is located and I was put into work almost directly. First thing I did was taking care of all the pictures from the challenge walk that was that weekend and so my internship really started off.

I got off work at 4 in the evening to go home and grab a cup of tea and something to eat, but my day was not right yet. At 5 I met up with Jon outside the shop and we went away on my first guide duty. It was a short night walk to watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately we had no luck that night since it was very cloudy that night. So no fire in the sky, but after the little walk around the hills looking at stone leavings and graves from our ancestors everyone that was on the walk looked really happy anyway.

Came home at 12 in the night or something and went right to bed. First day was done.

Tuesday 12th August, second day of my internship. I was back at the office and doing some more office duty and it was nothing special really, I met the guide (Iím really bad with names… sorry)  who was going to be the guide on the coming two walks I was going on. And we talked for a little bit on what to expect from the coming walks. I felt more ready than ever, but I had to wait until Saturday before my first day walk on the Holy Island. Day two was done.

Wednesday 13th August, third day of my internship. Still at the office, but Jon left for vacation and was coming back one week later. So now I had to be much more independent with my work. And it worked out just fine. I had my stuff to do and worked on them as hard as I could and it couldnít go any better.

Thursday 14th August, fourth day of my internship. We are coming closer to the weekend and my first walk. But we are not there just yet. First some office work and then some lunch and then some more office work and thatís how that day went. Nothing really interesting happened at the internship that day more than me doing my work and I guess you donít want to read about how I made mailing lists and repacking sock to stock up the store. End of that day.

Friday 15th August, day off from my internship. Even if this was a day off I did not rest for a simple reason like that. A good day off is spent exploring new grounds and look around in Rothbury it was a very nicely spent day I think.

Saturday 16th August, fifth day of my internship. The holy Island walk, it was amazing! I served as a backmarker to make sure we didnít lose anyone on the way. Took a whole bunch of pictures.

There was some misunderstanding between the guide and our bus driver who was supposed to come and pick us up on the island so we could get back home in time. But after a little longer wait than expected the bus came and picked us up. And everyone looked happy and satisfied with this walk. End of day five.