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The journal of a Swedish student part 2

The journal of a Swedish student part 2

Fri 29th August 2014

Part 2 – week 2

Monday 18th August, sixth day of my internship. Back at the office after a nice weekend. Today most of what I did was just repacking the mohair socks from big plastic bags to the packs that they hang in the store here. It was pretty slow but it was okay since I now had my headphones with me and could listen to music. Also I got some information about my first walk at Wooler and around on the hill.

Tuesday 19th August, seventh day of my internship. Today was the day of my walk on the hills around Wooler. I was really excited about this and it all went very well. I took a lot of photos from that walk that some of you maybe even seen on Shepherds Walks Facebook page. It was a very nice day with a lot of wind that cooled us down after getting warm from the walking.

Thursday 21st August, eighth day of my internship. Back at the office again and now making labels for letters. And such, nothing really special to say here…

Sunday 24th August, ninth day of my internship. I had Friday and Saturday off to just take it easy and enjoy myself here now it was time to do another walk, Wooler again same hills but a different route this time. It was great fun and it was a big group. We had really sunny and warm weather today and everything went perfectly fine. I took some pictures from the walk and it was amazing. But now itís not much time left for me here in the UK… But Iíll make this last week a special week!

End of week two.