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the journal of a Swedish student (the end)

the journal of a Swedish student (the end)

Fri 29th August 2014

Part 3 – week 3, this is the last part of the journal, and also the last days of my trip.

This week has been mainly office work and itís now I realise how much office work that goes down in a business like this and how hard it is to work at an office. These past few weeks have been a lot of fun and I have learnt a lot and to compare with other internships that are usual in Sweden where you just follow someone and stare at them for a couple of weeks, I actually feel useful. I have done stuff that needed to be done and been helpful for the company.

These weeks I have been with them as a photographer on the walks, I have packed down socks in the packs that hang in the shop, I have setup and installed the new printer so it works in the office, I have helped fix some stuff on the website that Jon messed up… (Good work Jon!) And mostly, I had a lot of fun here at the company.

I really going to miss this place and I would gladly stay for another week or two but now itís time for me to head home to Sweden and keep on studying so I can be ready for the real world with a real job.

And today this last day we havenít done much, just had a really long road trip to drop of equipment for the GPS training course that is this weekend. And also I had to help Jon to figure out the new camera because that was apparently to hard… (What are they going to do without me here?)

What I really want to say with all of this is that I will really miss being here and that this has been a really fun journey and I going to miss being here in Rothbury and Iím going to miss all the people here and I really need to come and visit sometime in the future!

So this was the last for me and I wish you all well!