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The Northumberland Coast, my favourite section

The Northumberland Coast, my favourite section

Thu 2nd February 2012

 My all time favourite section on the Northumberland Coast is ‘Sugar Sands Bay’ south of Craster and Howick.

If you are walking south down the Northumberland Coast you have just passed along the busiest section of the coastal path (Dunstanburgh Castle to Craster) then 15 minutes of walking later you get a real sense of isolation as ‘Sugar Sands’ is so inaccessible.

The bay is a truly stunning and special place as you look down on the aptly named ‘Sugar Sands’ - often totally empty. This is why the Northumberland coastline is so appealing. Far from being the largest bay on the coastline, it has its own unique charm and as you look north back up the coast you get great views of Dunstanburgh Castle, one of the most iconic images of the coast.

As you continue walking south you pass through Boulmer.  More famous for the RAF base but the village is very  picturesque, still a traditional fishing location and as far from being overrun by 21st century tourism as you can ever imagine.

If you walk along the Northumberland Coast Path in its entirety you are treated to these truly special places many times and they will leave you with fond memories to treasure.

Jon Monks


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