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What makes Shepherds Walks so unique?

What makes Shepherds Walks so unique?

Tue 21st February 2012

 We understand the landscape you are walking through

As Shepherds Walks is run by people who live, work and in the past have shepherded in the countryside we have a special relationship and understanding with the landscape you are walking through. You would not get a coal miner to take you around a ship yard, so why let a less experienced person guide you around the countryside?  As we have that true relationship with the landscape it makes for an extra special experience.

Look at the landscape from a Shepherd’s perspective

What are hefted sheep, what are sheep stells, rig and furrows? Why do we have different sheep at different heights above sea level?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered on your Shepherds Walks experience. A real insight into the rural countryside you are passing through.

Stories will be told

Our guides have not just learnt everything from a text book, but we have all lived, travelled and have a passion for the landscape we walk through.

Your walk will be filled with real stories from the countryside you are walking through.

A truly unique experience

Understand the landscape you are walking through -

After your Shepherds Walks experience you will go away with a better understanding of the landscape you have walked through. The way it was formed, the way it has and is being farmed today and the changes that have been made.


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