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Jane Monks

Jane Monks

Jane is a fully qualified Nordic walking instructor and her passion and enthusiasm for Nordic Walking is second to none.

Experienced in working with both children and adults in teaching Nordic Walks after teaching over 1000 children to Nordic walk in schools in Northumberland her experience stands out.

So who is Jane(otherwise known as Mrs Shepherds Walks), what makes her tick?

- Which is your favourite walk in Northumberland? What I‘m limited to one? I love walking next to water so any coastal or river area is perfect. Dunstanburgh castle and coastline

- What inspires you to get up in the morning? The sunshine. The sunlight streaming in through the window just makes you want to get up and throw open the windows, to breathe in the fresh air.

- Where would be your special place to eat your packed lunch on a walk?  Sat on a rock, next to running water, surrounded by hills, blue skies, and nothing man made to spoil the view!

- What makes you smile? The sound ducks make or my kids when they are larking around or trying to talk in various accents. I can’t help but smile when sitting around the dinner table with my sisters and parents, doesn’t happen very often these days. The sayings my Nana used to say all the time that drove us mad, but now we hold dearly. Her most favourite was “Don’t choke chicken, there’s a duck in the oven”!

- What is your favourite Shepherds Walks event and why? Nordic Walking taster sessions. I am addicted to Nordic Walking and getting to share my passion with so many people in one day is amazing.

- What’s your greatest achievement? My family! Jon, Lois, Harry and I are a tight knit family and look out for each other. When Jon and I first came to Northumberland, where we have no other family members, we made a pact to look out for each other. That pact still stands 18 years later.

- What can’t you do without when out walking? My Nordic Walking poles, they simply go everywhere with me. I have telescopic Nordic Walking poles (Leki Travellers) that I can use to trek or Nordic walk. And when I want to walk ‘handsfree’ I put them on my rucksack.

- Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? John Lennon, Father Mackenzie (who I did meet many years ago), Simon Yates, Elizabeth I, Ken Dodd

- If you could walk any walk/ climb in the world what would it be? A return visit to the Isle of Iona – beautiful and so peaceful. The only place I have ever truly had a sense of no time.

- Which of your achievements makes you most proud? The last mountain I climbed – Pillar, in the western Lake District. Jon and I stayed at a new guest house and set off to conquer Pillar at the same time as two of the other guests. It was extremely difficult, especially coming down as my knees really suffered. The last 2 hours we completed in darkness but I do remember seeing lots of fireworks as it was November time. When we got back to the guest house the owner said she wasn’t worried about us at all as she knew we knew what we were doing. And the best news she gave me....the other 2 guests had turned back!!!
- A trip to Northumberland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to .....?   The stunning coastline! Coming from the west side of the country you really do appreciate the gorgeous long stretches of sand and you can take your pick of castles. Craster kippers are a must as well!

- What would you wish your epitaph to be? She Never Walked Alone