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Biddlestone Round

Biddlestone Round

Tue 25th June 2013

Up bright an early and it was a dry sunny morning, by breakfast it was clouding over and by time we arrived at Biddlestone Chapel it was raining but by 10.00 the sun had come out.

As usual Mike was making excuses that Sundance’s soft shoe shuffle had not worked this week as a radio presenter had been playing sunshine music every morning and he does not work on a Saturday he had put the hex on the weather.

A gentle stroll through the woods brought us to the major climb of the walk.  Mike was soon out of breath and stopped for a rest but had enough breath to begin to whitter fortunately it started to rain so Mike shut up to put on his waterproofs.  As we continued to climb it stopped raining and from the top of the hill we had good views all the way round.

After a short stretch across the hill top we met with a farm track which we followed until we came to a way marker that lead us across some rough, wet ground.  As we walking this stretch we heard a tremendous bang and looking back into the Otterburn Range we could see a huge column of smoke raising this was that start of a number of shells being fired.

Just as we stopped for an early lunch (Mike was Hungry) it started to rain once more, fortunately after a couple of minutes it stopped and the rest of the day was dry and fairly bright.  After lunch we continued along the hill side until Mike said we were on the wrong path but this was OK because we had by-passed a herd of beasts (cattle to the rest of us).

A short walk brought us back on the path Mike Said but in reality it was just rough pasture and is was only when we reached a farm gate at Singmoor that we knew we were back on the correct track.

From Singmoor we followed a farm track down hill until we were near the top of Biddlestone quarry.  Here Mike took us on a slight detour so that we could look down on to the workings of the quarry, then it was back down the track to Biddlestone.  A short walk along the road brought us to the track leading to Biddlestone Chapel.  Half way up we stopped to look at the Biddlestones which are supposed to be part of an anglo-saxon cross.  Once back at Biddlestone  Chapel Mike opened up the chapel and gave us a guided tour.  


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