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Corbridge and Dilston Nordic Walk

Corbridge and Dilston Nordic Walk

Sun 2nd July 2017

Good forecast again for the Corbridge to Dilston Nordic walk.  We all met at the car park, did our warm up and headed along the River bank past the Tyne.  Martin was in the lead and we were in a long line with the gorgeous scenery of the many flowers, bushes and trees which lined our walk.

We continued along the path to a little white gate which led onto the train line, quick group photo opportunity before Martin kept a watch for the trains as we crossed the track.

Crossing the road at Dilston we walked towards and past Dilston Physic (or as a few wanted to call it “psychic” garden and onward through Park Wood.  A short detour as the group headed down a small hill which soon turned very steep so a quick turnaround which took us past Devil’s Water and our lunch stop.  Brownies and energy bites were gratefully received by the whole group.

Back to the walk and we followed the path which took us past Duke’s house and we then retraced our steps and took another group shot at a point where Zeenat was surprised to be told that we had passed this point near the beginning of the walk.

It was a beautiful walk with a fantastic group.

After we got back to Corbridge we realised someone had parked in the place which was the way out.   Bob suggested there were enough of us to move the car but we decided to walk up to Corbridge and to a tearoom.  No persuasion was needed though.

The group split to go to different tearooms but everyone enjoyed whichever they went to. 

Thanks to Martin for being my volunteer and making the brownies.

I hope everyone enjoyed the walk and I hope to see you soon.


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