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Countryside Skills Day

Countryside Skills Day

Mon 4th February 2013

The view from the "office" was certainly crisp and clear this morning as participants gathered for the first Shepherd's Walks Boundary Skills Course. The day started with a very informative introduction from Gary our guide for the day, and it wasn't long before we were out in the courtyard practising the skills that looked as easy as the diagram on a flip-chart!

After a while we did wonder as a group whether we would actually be able to build a wall above the height of about 5cm - It was like participating in a giant game of Jenga! We learned very quickly that dry-stonewalling is very much an art, and not as easy as it looks. Shaping, levelling and building are very different skills and to combine them all is very challenging! Photographic evidence proves that we succeeded in our venture, though it may be some time before we have a feature slot on "Country-file".

After a break for lunch we spent the afternoon discussing hedgerows and some techniques that can be employed for hedgerow regeneration. The group were able to employ some of these techniques in the field (literally!) and it seems that many participants may also apply these techniques at home too!

Please also enjoy the YouTube film.


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