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Fri 4th November 2016

What a great time of year to head out for a walk.

To be honest it had been a busy few days at Shepherds walks as we had been moving offices so it was a great break to get out and lead a great group of people (and a walk) on one of my favourite short walks in Northumberland, ideal for this time of year.

After meeting at Edlingham at St John the Baptist church, which is a Medieval (11th century) Church. The church is mostly Norman, from two periods, the late 11th - early 12th Century and late 12th century.
After a quick introduction, we headed off. Away to our right was Edlingham Castle, a Grade I listed building that is managed by English Heritage. The ruins are mostly laid low though much of the solar tower still stands despite an impressive crack running several storeys down to ground level. The castle was more probably a fortified manor house typical of many medieval houses in this region.
After passing through some lovely low level farmland we climbed up to some great views including the Cheviot Hills to the North.

After passing through a wooded section we passed back out into farmland and away to our left was a monument.  This is called the Fellbridge monument as it once stood in Fellbridge, Surrey. When it was in Surrey it was known as the Evelyn Monument and in the 1920ís it was brought to Northumberland.

We then passed onto the road and dropped down before turning up and passing Lemmington Hall.
After a relaxing lunch in the Autumn sunshine we headed on crossing over a wonderful bridge before retracing our steps back to Edlingham.

A great walk and some better company, thanks to all that came along and I hope to see you again soon.


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