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Edlingham Nordic Walk

Edlingham Nordic Walk

Tue 6th August 2013

This was Julie’s first time leading a walk and the day started brightly with everyone meeting early beside St John Baptist Church, Edlingham.  There was a good mix of men and women.

Julie started by introducing the group to Martin, who had been volunteered to come along, she also explained the route we were going to take.  Alison was nominated to be official photographer with Beth also taking photographs.

After the warm up we set off and it was quickly evident that some of the group were going to be setting a fast pace so Martin went ahead with them waiting at each gate for the rest of the group to catch up.

We walked over the bridge at the burn and we were met with a rain shower and the first steep hill on which a field of cows, calves and a bull were grazing.  Everyone set off at their own pace and the cattle paid little attention to us.  Two of the ladies stopped to look at the field mushrooms and wishing they’d brought something to carry them home in.  We all got to the top and were really glad we had the poles to help us.

Next was the walk through the woods and Scott was leading the way, suddenly everyone stopped.  Scott had spotted a toad!  A few minutes were spent looking at the toad then we were on our way.

The walk took us up another hill and at the top Julie opened a bar of chocolate with most people partaking.  We continued towards the little cottage where group photographs were taken and then onto the lane and down to the road.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road so we made good progress and turned left onto another quieter road.  

We walked through the houses and as Julie had spotted a peacock the week before everyone kept their eyes peeled to see if they could spot it.  It must’ve heard the clicking of the poles or the chatter as it was nowhere to be seen. We also spotted a field in the distance that appeared to be very colourful. A member of the group informed us that this was the combined harvester graveyard and had been there for some time and was still growing.

Another walk through the cow field took us downhill and again we lost the speedier people in the group but as always everyone went at their own pace.  When we got to the field just before the cars Scott spotted peas in pods growing and everyone stopped to grab a few and eat the freshest peas you could get.

We finished at the cars and after Julie told everyone what was coming up – and the dismay that the next Nordic walk isn’t until 21st September – we did our cool down exercises and everyone went their separate ways – mostly to Alnwick for a cup of tea.

This was a really good walk and everyone was chatting to each other all the way around. Julie hopes to see you all on the 21st September at the next Nordic walk. 

Posted By: Beth Grey | Mon 12th August 2013

It was a lovely day and it was a really great way to break in my new poles! Many thanks to Julie and Martin and the rest of the walkers.

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