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Fontbury to Rothbury

Fontbury to Rothbury

Tue 7th July 2015

The group all met up At Shepherds Walk’s shop and walked down to the bus stop to catch the local Spirit Bus that goes to Wallington on a Monday.  

We got off the bus at the entrance to Fontburn Reservoir as the starting point of our walk.  We had to wait a short while Mike got himself sorted with waterproofs switching on GPS, eventually we were off.  

The walk to the reservoir was a long a single width tarmac road, the dam for the reservoir has a massive overflow hole.  We continued over the dam admiring the railway viaduct and followed the road towards Newbiggin Farm.  After pointing out some landmarks which could be vaguely seen the rain and mist Mike decided we will start walking over the open fields heading approximately to Blueburn Farm.

All was going well until we hit the first bit of boggy ground and a couple of us got a wet foot each.  Much to mikes delight as by now he had two wet feet due to his leaky boots.  By now the rain was fairly steady and being driven into our faces by the wind.  We had a bit of a respite from the wind as we walked around Blueburn but decided to walk on to see to Spylaw burn and see if we find a sheltered spot for lunch, we did just.

After lunch we headed off in rough the direction of the path (or a least that’s what Mike claimed).  
Although after a mile or so of what seemed aimlessly walking along we did come to a style with a footpath sign.  After another encounter with a herd of beasts we reach Lordenshaw road end and a stretch of road walking.  By now the rain had eased and occasionally the hoods came down. Mike then took us round Lordenshaw Hillfort on another non-existing footpath that eventually joined a more well-trodden path.  That led us to Sharps Folly and then down into Rothbury.


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