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From Source to Sea - day 3

From Source to Sea - day 3

Wed 16th July 2014

The River Coquet from Source to Sea

Day Three Low Alwinton to Hepple

Sundance has done it again another fine dry day.  How does he do it?

The group met up at Hepple Bridge ,piled in the mini bus.  Arriving at Low Alwinton we set off and after at the most two minutes Mike started wittering about rocks, lime kilns and other bits and bobs oh and Harbottle Castle.  Eventually we got on with the walk.  After a while Mike claimed we were walking next to the river but we could not see it for the trees, eventually we came to a bridge that crossed the Coquet which Mike took us across so we could see the river.

After this we left the river and the track we had been following became a road that eventually brought us to Sharpeton and our lunch stop.  While we were having lunch a few of us walked over Sharpeton Bridge just to see the River Coquet and the Alpacas.  

After lunch we walked parallel to the course of the river just along the edge of the hill side and the river haugh.  A herd of cattle and a large area of bog broke up the pleasure of walking on the flat.  Eventually even that pleasure was brought to a halt as we climbed up hill to heading to West Hepple.  A coffee stop brought more unease to some as we became the objects of interest to yet another herd of cattle.  

After coffee Mike managed to chase them away by waving his map and flapping his arms (we think he was trying to fly over them).  On arriving at Hepple  Mike had a good idea while he went back to Low Alwinton to pick up the people carrier the rest of us would walk to Hepple Whitefield and then back to the cars an extra 1.5 mile put on to the days walk. 


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