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From Source to Sea - day 5

From Source to Sea - day 5

Wed 16th July 2014

The River Coquet from Source to Sea

Day 5 – Rothbury to Felton

Well Sundance had danced the night away and yes it was a bright and sunny morning at Felton as the group met and the early birds had a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop, before jumping on the mini bus and heading back to Rothbury.  The Rothbury facilities were put to good use before we set off.  We made a slight detour to follow the old Rothbury rail way line through a cutting before once more joining St. Oswald’s Footpath a pleasant stroll along the railway line which we eventually left to head down hill and have a short walk along the banks of the River Coquet.  At Pauperhaugh the path does a little detour leaving the river to cross the Forest Burn by a footbridge.  Once across the bridge we stopped for lunch and some of the group used the trees to good effect.

After lunch we continued along the river before climbing up a heugh leaving the haugh land to walk away and well above the river.  Then we walked past the farms of Thorneyhaugh, Middleheugh, and Brinkheugh and all though we passed Brinkburn Priory the trees were too dense to see the building or the river.  The path continues through several fields until we reached the Todd Burn were it enters the River Coquet just above the old weir for the mill at Weldon.  This section is one of the closest bits next to the river.

At Weldon we crossed the old road bridge before continuing on our way on the north bank of the river.  While some of the group went into the pub to use its facilities the rest of the group continued to walk slowly eastwards.  Once more we lost sight of the river catching only glimpses either through the trees or somewhat in the distance.

From Elyhaugh to Felton fence we more or less followed the river before climbing up out of the valley to walk high above the river but under the A1 trunk road as it crosses the River Coquet.  The path took us through the grounds of Felton Park. From hear a short road section brings you to the centre of Felton (and the end of the days walk) also the older A1 Bridge (now a footbridge) next to a slightly more modern bridge still in use for vehicles that cross the Coquet.


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