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From Source to Sea - day 6

From Source to Sea - day 6

Wed 16th July 2014

The River Coquet from Source to Sea

Day 6 Felton to Amble

Yet another glorious day dawned yes Sundance was back in the groove and the old soft shoe shuffle had done the trick.  After a bit of too and froing in amble Mike found the car park with the mini bus in, and after the compulsory comfort break we set off back to Felton.
We were dropped off on the north bank of the old bridge and use it to cross to the south bank of the river.  For the first part of the route the path follows the river.  

Although you would not have known as the high bankside vegetation completely hid the river from view.  As we left the river side we climbed up the only steep hill on the days walk,  Mike had said that this was the only climb but by now the group had suss out the mike interpretation of what was flat was not always the rest of the groups view.

After a little while we started to walk on a well-defined track that we followed for the next two miles and other walking under the East Coast Main Line and it being rather muddy in places had not a not a lot to recommend it.  Although track does take you very near Morwick Farm the home of delicious ice cream.  Mike decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss and so dragged the group for an ice cream.  Whilst there we also had lunch used the facilities and two shall remain nameless J & M had one large tub of ice cream each THEN went back for another!

After lunch we continued to follow the track and were able to look down towards Warkwoth, Amble and the North Sea Coast.  The track brings you in to Warkworth and soon we were walking around under the castle before once more reaching the river (and able to see it).

At some picnic tables we stopped for a short break before once more following the river round to Warkworth Bridge.  We continued to follow the river round Warkworth until new river defence works necessitated slight detour (Oh and a slight climb up a hill. Eventually we were back alongside the river and walk downstream to Amble Marina.  We had to walk round one boat yard and round another corner and there were the cars.  Mike allowed us to drop of our rucksack before we continued along the now key side until we were standing on the pier and therefore over the sea and the end of six days of good walking.  A still the sun shone.


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