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GPS Training

GPS Training

Mon 15th April 2013

Our GPS training course has evolved over many years but when it is teaching people about technology that keeps evolving it is literally a different course every time we hold it.

As we arrived at Cambo Village Hall early on Saturday morning the weather was warmer and brighter than it had been for a long while and as lots of happy participants started to arrive it gave a real buzz of anticipation of the day ahead.

We loaned GPS units to those who had not already got one so that all participants could take part and with the majority of people with touch screen GPS units it was great to teach everybody on good GPS units.

First of all we did a little background about the technology before going over the set up process you need to go through to get the GPS units to supply you with the information you are wanting.

After a quick break we then went outside for the ‘waypoint game’ which involved manually inputting waypoint data and getting the GPS to navigate us to this point where a question could be answered. Everybody quickly got the hang of this and then we moved on to using the touch screen on the map pages on the GPS units to input this information.

Over lunch Peter gave a quick overview of the Garmin BaseCamp software and also digital maps as we planned on the computer the route for our afternoon GPS walk. We shared this information wirelessly to all the other GPS units and off we went, following a route through the countryside around Cambo.

Upon reaching the end of the route we used the tracklog or backtrack to take us back. It was interesting to compare the differences in navigating using these two different ways and with most people being very proficient at this point with their GPS units we could stop and really go into the finer details including how to display the compass on the map screen and how to change the data fields the GPS is showing you.

Back at the village hall we could then go over what information we had covered and then look at the different GPS units on offer.

A great day was had by all, some great characters, which really made for a good fun day. Thanks everybody for coming along.


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