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Hauxley Nordic Walk

Hauxley Nordic Walk

Tue 5th August 2014

The morning didn’t start with great looking weather, in fact everyone had rain (some torrential) before they left home.  I was checking the Met Office website first thing to see what we could expect.  It did say it would be dry from lunchtime and with this in mind I decided on shorts and t-shirt with waterproofs in the bag.

The group met with plenty of time to spare and as most of them were regular Nordic walkers they all started catching up.  I introduced everyone to the newest member of our group and explained that the walk was to go through the Nature Reserve and if they kept their eyes open they may see the red squirrels which had just returned there, we would then go onto the beach and come back on the coastal path, a discussion took place and it was agreed that the group would be happy to stay on the beach and make this a linear walk, so the plan changed slightly.

Just before we started the warm up we had a short rain shower so everyone quickly donned their waterproofs.  After the warm up I reminded everyone that they should go at their own pace.  The group had a wide range of abilities and length of time Nordic walking but I reminded everyone that my eyes would be focused on their technique so to remember to keep their elbows straight.

The group started off and soon settled into little groups.  I dropped back to talk one of the group through technique as this was only her second Nordic walk she had been on after completing a training morning with us.  It didn’t take long for her to get back into the swing of it.

We left the Nature Reserve and dropped onto the sand when most people took their waterproofs off because the rain shower had lasted less than 5 minutes.

We headed North on the beach and everyone again picked the pace they wanted to go at with John and Cathy leading the pack at a cracking pace.  

The great part of walking on the beach is that we could really work on technique and people could feel the effort they were putting in and also check the sand to see either the holes or alternatively the little squiggles their poles left.  Squiggles just mean that they aren’t pushing through their straps enough and I gave extra pointers to help.

As John had been on the Advanced Technique course I went to the front with him and we left the group behind as I pushed him through the full advanced steps and really made him and me work!  After a few minutes we turned around and watched the group come towards us.  We could see that everyone had got into pairs or sometimes fours and were enjoying the walk, scenery and weather.  When the group came together I suggested that (if they wanted to) they had a try at going faster than they usually walked (just for a while) to try and get people to the next level of their Nordic walking.  

We got to the top of the beach where the group at the front had stopped to chat and discuss the merits of having a tea shop at the end or in the middle of a walk and we were going to turn around when someone said “we’re close to Amble and Spurrelli’s (the ice cream café)” after a short discussion we went up onto the coastal path to Amble via the harbour and everyone had an ice cream.  The funniest part was when Cathy had gone back into the café and John put his ice cream tub onto Cathy’s chair and Cathy sat down without looking needless to say John was in trouble (luckily they are married to each other).

We started back the way we had come with John and Geoff (aka Elbows) taking up the front we dropped onto the beach as soon as we could and walked back to Hauxley Nature Reserve.  

At Hauxley we had a cool down and I told everyone about the Rothbury Railway Nordic Walk on 6th September and the Pilgrims Causeway Nordic walk on 27th September.
It was an excellent walk with a slight detour (which is now why John has given me the nickname of Julie “Detour” Barnett) for ice cream, fabulous weather and brilliant company.

Thank you everyone for a great afternoon I look forward to seeing you at the Rothbury Railway walk or the Pilgrims Causeway walk.

Julie “Detour” Barnett


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