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Mon 16th June 2014

Helvellyn is the third highest peak in the Lake District (and also the third in England) and todays walk promised to be one to remember. At 950 metres above sea level it is certainly one of the mountains many people want to climb.

The big question on everybody’s mind as we arrived was the low cloud. Would we get a view from the summit or would the cloud burn off as forecasted. Only time would tell as we had a fair bit of climbing to get under our belt first.

Paul Freeman, one of the other shepherds Walks guides had arrived early and had already greeted the walkers as they had arrived, with many of them venturing over from the East side of the country.

We set off promptly at 9.30am and made very good progress as we ascended the steep back slope of our target, Helvellyn. Still covered in mist but ever hopeful of it burning off as per the forecast!

After a long climb of just over two hours in length we made it to the top and had a well-earned lunch break at the shelter on the top, which gave us some great shelter for our well-earned break.

The views were not great from the summit but they soon were after we’d set off again making our descent to Thirlspot via Whiteside. Suddenly everything opened up for us and the views were great, especially because of the mist still hugging the fells in places, it was truly gorgeous!

Down we went, back to the Thirlmere valley floor and just enough time for a drink at the Kings Head pub before our taxi arrived to take us back to the car park at Wythburn.

A ‘grand day out’ as Wallace& Grommit would say!


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