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Holy Island  The Pilgrims Way   June 2015

Holy Island The Pilgrims Way June 2015

Sun 7th June 2015

Sundance had done the soft shoe shuffle and put on his oldest pair of shoes and it worked (nearly) only a few spots of rain right at the end of the day while waiting for the mini bus to take us home.  Yes it did not rain while we were walking but boy did we get wet.

The Group all met for a coffee and a biscuit before climbing on the mini bus to be taken to the mainland end of the causeway.  After Mike had wittered a bit and taken a group photo we set off.
The gentle gale helped us navigate the causeway road until we crossed the bridge over the South Low.  From here on we were supposed to walk over some muddy sand with occasional hollows of water.  The SW gale was pushing the water over the sands so now the terrain was water with very occasional semi dry bits.  

As we plodged our way across the Pilgrims Way the spray from the upwind walkers quickly wet any one foolish to be down wind.  Mike kept on saying to anyone who would listen “I’ve never seen it like this before”.  

With the winds help we managed to complete the crossing in double quick time and most of us were wet to a least knee level.  

It was really mind blowing to watch the whole of the surface of the crossing form into ripples of water moving away from the sea and the occasional gust lifting a fine spray into the air.
Good fun in a masochistic way, made slightly more pleasant as the water was not freezing cold.


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