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Holy Island Causeway to Berwick upon Tweed

Holy Island Causeway to Berwick upon Tweed

Wed 9th April 2014

The rain splattered on the windscreen as Sundace and The Kid made their way to Berwick and then on the coach to the causeway at Holy Island wondering if it would take more than a soft shoe shuffle to keep the weather fair. They need not worry for as soon as waterproofs were donned to get off the coach the weather dried up. In fact The Kid suffered later by forgetting to bring his sun hat.

Heading North from the causeway the two groups made their way along the coastline, firstly around the muddy Beal inlet before following the dune line to Goswick. Unfortunately a trip out to the isolated sand dune 'islands' off-shore and walk along the sands wasn't going on as the rain during the week made it impossible to cross the stream beach-side at Goswick.

Instead a pleasant track led to the Golf Club House where The Kid's group descended on the only indoor loo for miles (Sundace's group went ahead and had to make do with the natural surroundings. Sundace nearly got lynched when the group discovered they had past one).

Continuing up the beach a while a pleasant lunch beach side was had before leaving the sands to avoid rock bands. A climb up and along the cliffs to Spital promenade followed. There was a cliff top encounter along the way with a Shepherds Walks nordic walking party and a suitable amount of banter between the groups ensued. Down on the prom some had ice creams, some followed the Lowry Trail and other queued at the loo's again.

Once around the Tweed mouth the groups crossed the old bridge into Berwick with one group finishing with a detour around the walls to the Lion House and a peek at the old Berwick icehouse used to store ice for the salmon fishing in previous times.



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