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Holystone Round

Holystone Round

Tue 5th April 2016

A grey cool morning BUT dry, have Sundance’s new boots picked up the magic soft shoe shuffle?  Will we have a dry day?

The group were all ready before the start time so mike wasted a bit of time as usual by having a bit of a witter We set of along a forestry track but soon left this for a very wet boggy path that lead to Holystone Well.  After a brief look at the well we set off,  Mike nearly took us back to Holystone (wittering) before he quickly realised that we should be going back the way we came typical.

Once back on the track we followed it uphill before picking up a footpath that wound its way along the northern edge of the wood, allowing view across the valley to Weather Cairn.

After a while of bog hopping we got on to firmer ground to be confronted with a large area of windblown trees that completely blocked the path.  The detour was interesting to say the least but at last we were once more on the route just in time for lunch.

After lunch we started a climb up to Harbottle Crag with again the path disappearing a couple of times.  Eventually we reached the top with views all way round which would have been even more spectacular except for the haze.

From here a gently descent first took us across moorland to the Burma Road (one of the main roads through Otterburn Range).  Once more a gentle descent following the road brought us back to the cars.


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