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Humbleton Hill Nordic Walk - 19 September 2015

Humbleton Hill Nordic Walk - 19 September 2015

Sun 20th September 2015

We knew this walk wasn't going to be easy for the group as we (me and Laura) had been out and recce'd the walk a couple of weeks earlier.

The weather was absolutely fantastic  Blue skies and sunshine. 

My day started when I was having a cuppa at the Terrace tea shop and chatting to a couple when a lady I didn't know asked if I was Julie, I told her I was and sh said "I thought so, you look the part".  Turns out it was Anni, our new starter to our group but not to nordic walking.

We met the rest of the group at Wooler Common Car Park, where Laura was entertaining everyone.
As usual, introductions were made, warm up done and we headed off. 

First an incline, I refuse to call it a hill because I knew the hill to come.  We got to the top and quick photo taken for the blog/Facebook page, to many complaints.

We walked part of the St Cuthberts Way up to a gate when we turned right down a bank, Laura told us later on that she had heard some rustling when she was furthest back, funny we wondered why she walked extra quickly to catch up to us.

I showed the group which hill we were going up.  They were not keen as it is very steep.  I told them not to worry we weren't making them go that way there is an easier route around the back.
We followed the path through the field of sheep, who all had fluffy wool on the top of their heads where it was growing back.

We went around the bottom of the hill, then Ruth gave a little history lesson to Anni and Kim on the landscape.

No putting it off any more.  We were going up Humbleton Hill.

I encouraged everyone to go at their own pace, rest if/when they needed/wanted to and off we went.
Poor Audrey "Twinkle Toes" Dunn was stuck at the back with Laura "gold star volunteer" Frisby while the rest of us went ahead.

Everyone soon got into pairs, Ruth "Pedometer Bosum" Bull and Anni "new girl" Sanderson were going at a steady pace and poor Kim "pink face" Blackie was at the front with me.  I gave her a few pointers but I soon realised she wouldn't enjoy the walk if she kept going at that pace so I went ahead.

I got to the top, had a comfort break, and then headed back down to the group to shouts of "stop showing off!"

What I didn't know was what Twinkle Toes had said to gold star volunteer apparently it was something about going away.  LOL

The group got to the top.  I'm not sure what they had been complaining about as they weren't totally out of breath and had all talked all the way up.  Once again showing the benefit of nordic walking!
Short stop at the top when sandwiches, pork pies and even nuts "for the Nordic Nuts".

Another photo opportunity and we headed back down taking the route towards St Cuthberts Way.  Laura reminisced about how much she had enjoyed the St Cuthberts Challenge (NOT)

I asked everyone to walk quite close together so I could get an action shot and we continued back to the gate and wood where we had started the walk.

At the cars, we decided not to do a cool down, everyone wanted cake and tea.

We headed down to Wooler and the Terrace cafe, it was still warm so we sat outside.  Cakes, scones, coffee and tea were ordered but we had lost Twinkle Toes.  So I headed along Wooler High Street to find her.  Not to worry our tag line is "we never leave anyone behind" although this usually applies to the actual walk!

Everyone said goodbye, wished Ruth a happy holiday and told Audrey we would see her next year!

I hope you enjoyed the walk, the weather was fabulous, the company amazing and as always, a special thank you to Laura for her amazing help.

The next Nordic walk is Craster on 18th October.

Hope to see you all there.

Thanks again

Julie and Laura x


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