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In search of The Simonside Dwarfs

In search of The Simonside Dwarfs

Mon 24th June 2013

On the approach to Rothbury this morning, it seemed that there was no need for sunglasses! The blades of the turbines at Wingates were turning rather well and despite the last few weekends spent basking in sunshine, the Northumbrian weather decided to show its true colours, grey style! Perhaps those pesky wee dwarves were against us from the start …

We were a select group today, but nonetheless the day was filled with many stories and much laughter! From Lordenshaw we picked our way through the Iron Age hill fort and tried to decipher where the various individual settlements could be! From here the group headed towards Whitton Dean and were subsequently subjected to my input on the prevalent winds  in the Coquet Valley and how this affects the trees (sorry folks, but now you know about this you will never look at a tree in the same way again!)

Heading towards Simonside Forest the skies darkened further and it wasn’t too long until we found ourselves in a downpour! During a quick break we were graced with a “ride-by and wave” of three young mountain bikers (one of which I now know to be Junior Monks) which on reflection, I would deem to be very good customer service.

Heading up out of Simonside Forest we skirted the bottom of Simonside itself, and as the rain moved in once more we hot-footed it up the rather steep ascent  onto Simonside summit, looking for the dwellings of the Duergar on the way! With lunch in sight, and a rain-shower not too far behind, we made a bee-line for Dove Crag and enjoyed a short break in the sun!

Forty-five minutes or so later we arrived back at Lordenshaw, and thankfully we were able to clamber into our cars before the prevalent hail-storm hit. Yes … hail .... in June ….. I blame those malevolent Simonside dwarves ;-)

Thank you to all who came along on the walk, and we look forward to seeing you on the other events you have booked onto during the Rothbury Walking Festival!


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