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Isaacs Tea Trail   - Allendale to Nenthead

Isaacs Tea Trail - Allendale to Nenthead

Wed 8th October 2014

Sundance had danced and left home in bright sunshine but as he headed southwest the cloud was building up had the soft shoe shuffle enough power to work this far to the south?

The group met at Nenthead with Mike being the last to arrive for a change, we quickly boarded the bus and arrived in Allendale very close to the loo’s which fact was evident in the number of the group who disappeared for a while.

Eventually we set of and the route follows the East Allen in a southerly direction.  The walking was pleasant if you ignore the huge number of styles and gates you have to pass through.  Progress was slow and by lunch time we had covered about 6 Km.
After a lunch we began to climb up out of the East Allen valley leaving the small fields behind and on to open fell climbing over Hartley Moor we headed for towards the head of the West Allen valley at Coalcleugh from here a short climb brought us to The Northumberland Cumberland border.

It was now a short walk, all downhill to Nethead and the end of a dry but cool walking day.


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