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Nordic Walk - Bamburgh

Nordic Walk - Bamburgh

Tue 10th February 2015

What a fantastic sunny morning to Nordic walk along one of the best beaches in Northumberland from Bamburgh to Seahouses.

Everyone met in the car park in plenty of time, some a few minutes later than others (a detour to the other car park).  Poles at the ready, I introduced (just in case people had forgotten who we were) myself and Jon who had joined us on the walk and it was said that I had to be on my best behaviour by the group not Jon!

We warmed up in the car park and headed down onto the beach.  

Jon, Elbows (aka Geoff) and Angela took off at a fast pace but as always with Nordic walking everyone goes at their own pace so we were stretched across the vast sandy beach but everyone was walking alongside someone else.  We soon realised we had lost one member of the group as John had decided to remove a layer straight away and when we were gathering for our “group shot” in front of the iconic Bamburgh Castle, John ran to catch us up.  As usual some of the group tried to hide behind the taller members but were soon shuffled to the front.

The beach was relatively empty bearing in mind it was such a lovely day and there was lots of chatter going on within the group as some people hadn’t seen each other for a while.  The beauty of Nordic walking is that you can walk and talk at the same time.
We had to stay on our toes as Jon was taking quite a few photographs (as you will see below) as we were walking.  There were a couple of small plodging parts where there were little rivers luckily these weren’t as deep as the week before when I had recce’d the walk.

We got to Seahouses and there were various routes off the sand, Jon and John went over two routes and the rest of the group followed me over the not so steep parts.  We walked along the grassy top to Seahouses where the conversation turned to where we were going to have lunch.  We decided to sit looking out of the harbour as the temperature was warm and some people had brought sandwiches, the rest of us headed to the fish and chip shop for our not so healthy lunch.

Refreshments finished we noticed the temperature was dropping a little, as the tide was coming in slightly, so we decided not to take any layers off and John put his chin strap on so he didn’t lose his hat.

We headed back towards Bamburgh taking the same route.  We had more of our group walking at a quicker pace, Ruth and Sharon had joined Jon, Elbows and Angela at the front.  All the techniques were still looking good at this point.  Although John asked me to check his technique, which Pam was happy about.  I gave him a few pointers and we walked quicker so that he could really use his shoulders and feel the difference I also showed him how to walk slower but get more out of his workout.  After waiting for everyone to catch up, one of the group mentioned walking over the sand at Holy Island and it was decided that we would hold a Nordic walk starting in August and I said I would check the tide tables and let Jon know so that he could put it on the website.  

Once we got back to the cars, we did our stretches.  I thanked everyone for joining me on the walk and the conversation very quickly at that point moved to tea and cake at a coffee shop.  John checked his GPS and it had measured 7½ miles, ½ mile less than advertised.  We left the cars and decided if we walked to the coffee shop that would take us over the 8 miles.

We all headed to the Copper Kettle in Bamburgh where we all relaxed and I told every one of the forthcoming walks especially the Nordic Walking Inaugural Challenge Walks on 18th April.  Elbows and Sharon confirmed they would be joining me on the 15 mile walk whereas the rest said they would stick with Jane on the 7.5 miles.

A fantastic walk, brilliant day with good friends and I hope to see everyone very soon.  Our next Nordic walk is Whitton Hillhead for an afternoon start on 7th March.



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