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Nordic Walk - Cambo

Nordic Walk - Cambo

Wed 19th September 2012

Proof walking this route 2 days earlier I was prepared for the weather (Waterproofs, gators, waterproofing my walking shoes). But then the strangest thing happened.....the sun came out! A bit of a breeze but not unpleasant and not a cloud in the sky. The perfect weather for a Nordic Walk.

The group met in the quiet village of Cambo and after the usual warm up exercises we set off. On leaving the village we went immediately into some freshly combined fields. The path was unexpectedly dry underfoot and the grass not too long, allowing us to remove the paws from our poles and really push back as we walked. The path was wide enough to allow us to walk alongside a friend and have a chat. Eventually we came to another combined field and followed the prominent path diagonally through it. There is something quite naughty about going through the centre of a field and not keeping to the edge but this is where the footpath lay and so we followed. Walking through a freshly combined field, with only short yellow stalks still remaining, was a real Cadbury’s flake moment! Quite beautiful.

We passed through a short woodland area before returning to our combined fields again. The next field however, was very square and grassy. We entered through a gate in the top right corner.  This is no ordinary field and quite unusual in the way we pass through it. I warned everybody of this and again set off at a diagonal through the field, to the middle of the far side boundary. Once everyone caught up there were many comments of “well that wasn’t unusual”. And so we set off again, almost back on ourselves but to the top left corner! We basically travelled through this field in a ‘V’ shape. Now I know a few people thought I had well and truly lost it at this point but no, this is the way the public footpath went through the field. It’s a great example of why footpaths were placed where they are as originally they were solely used to join neighbouring farms together. Nobody ever imagined that Mrs Shepherd would be walking around the footpaths for pleasure, much less with poles!

We continued on along a tarmac track and so the paws were returned to the feet of our poles to prevent too many headaches from all the clanking! This track had a gradual incline, which to a walker would prove a little tiring and would certainly get their heart rate up. Us Nordic Walkers however were able to climb the hill with very little effort, and still chatted all the way. No breathlessness and no red gasping faces. Even our newest member tried walking without her poles and commented on how easy it was to climb the hill with poles.

The tarmac track eventually led to a farm where the sheep dip was evident and the various gateways used by the farmer to sort his sheep and their lambs before dipping them. However the farmer had decided to tie up the gate leading into the field where our public footpath ran. ...and tightly knotted too. Not to be beaten Mrs Shepherd calmly decided to lift the whole gate off its hinges so we could continue on. Where there is a will there is always a way!

We continued uphill through the field, skirting around the edges to avoid the cattle, which were terrified of us and ran away as we approached. One last field, again which was passed following a tree line through the middle of a field, and we returned to Cambo village again.  

This is such a lovely walk, highly recommended to both walker and Nordic Walker and great for the kids too.


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