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Nordic Walk - Druridge Bay and Cresswell

Nordic Walk - Druridge Bay and Cresswell

Thu 19th June 2014

Julie and Jane arrived early as there were a couple of people who hadnít Nordic walked before so had a quick lesson with Julie before everyone arrived.  Jane welcomed the rest of the group and handed out poles to those who needed it before meeting Julie and the others on the beach.

Introductions were made and a warm up took place on the beach and Julie pointed out how far we would be walking and telling everyone that that was where Cresswell Ices was, at which point lots of ears perked up, especially the youngest of our group, Adam.  
Julie said she would be walking at the front at a good pace and Jane would be at the back for those who didnít want to go quickly.  Also if anyone wanted/needed any advice with their technique we were around to help out.  As it was a very long clear stretch of sand everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace and find the sand that suited them the most.  Everyone was soon in their stride and the group stretched out.

The scenery was stunning, the temperature warm and the company fabulous (as always).
We arrived at Cresswell Ices at which point everyone descended into the shop and tried various different flavours and it was time to move on back to the cars.  

We headed back to the starting point, did a cool down and reminded everyone of the next Nordic walk with Jane (no Julie) on 5th July.

Thanks everyone for a fab walk and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Julie & Jane x