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Nordic Walk - Holy Island via pilgrim's route

Nordic Walk - Holy Island via pilgrim's route

Tue 30th September 2014

The morning was lovely with blue sky, sunshine and a lovely warm temperature, so warm fleeces were left behind.  After a discussion everyone decided to go barefoot across the sands.

We all got on the bus and travelled to the start and we all took off our socks and shoes, packed them in our bags and did a warm up.

Julie reminded everyone to go at their own pace, we couldn’t get lost and we should keep the guide poles on our left.

Everyone soon got into their stride and we had quite a stretched out group.  Julie started at the back checking on techniques before moving on the middle group and then Nordic skipping to the people at the front.  

At a quick stop at one of the refuges some of the group couldn’t resist climbing up, whilst the others decided it wasn’t for them.  

We headed off again and came across a slippy muddy section, when we nearly lost Julie on her bottom a few times, this section really tested our Nordic walking technique.  A lot of laughter was to be heard at this point when we all felt a bit like ice skaters.  In fact some of the group found the choice between concentrating on their technique or just trying to stay on their feet too much and for a few minutes were using their poles as trekking poles instead.  

Once over this section everyone’s legs were looking a little muddy, ankles for the taller of the group to above the knees for some of the shorter members.  Not to worry there was a section of water which we headed for.  Two members of the group decided to go for the shortest distance across and soon ended up in water past their knees.  Julie joked that this was the swimming section of the walk before pointing out that if we walked up a short distance the water was shallower.  Some people said they saw fish but by the time we had all laughed and plodged (paddled/waded) through the water they had decided it was too noisy for them and they had swam away.

We were now at the last little bit of the walk on the sands before we had to go up onto the road, dry off our feet, put our socks and shoes back on and finish the walk on the causeway road.  Once back at the cars, cool down completed, Julie reminding everyone that the next Nordic walk was on the 1st November from Warkworth to Alnmouth and back.  It was agreed that we would all jump back in our cars and meet again for lunch at the Barn at Beal.

Everyone said that this was a very enjoyable, funny walk and everyone was looking forward to the next walk that they could get to.


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