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Nordic Walk - Ingram

Nordic Walk - Ingram

Tue 13th May 2014

It wasnít a good start when we got up as it was raining, misty and cool.  A group of hopeful Nordic walkers travelled to Ingram hoping the weather would be better.  It wasnít.  However, never let it said that Nordic walkers only walk in the good weather.  Jon did tell us that the weather would pick up mid-morning.

Everyone met up, donned their waterproofs, received Murray Mints from Cathy (one of our regular Nordic walkers) to pop in their pockets for the morning.

Apart from Julie who was leading the walk, we had Jon (the boss), 4 regular Nordic walkers, 2 who we hadnít seen for a while and 1 new lady who was on her first Shepherds Walk. Everyone was introduced to each other, reminded to go at their own pace and after a warm up we set off.

The group soon started to go at their own pace.  There were some fast walkers who went ahead with Jon and the not so fast walkers who were walking at the back with me, with others in between.  Lots of chatter could be heard from the group as everyone was catching up and getting to know each other.

As Jon promised the rain did stop quite quickly into the walk and the sun even got out at lunchtime just in time to dry us out.

This was a walk with a few hills/inclines and this started quite a conversation between the walkers as to what was the difference.  There was a relatively steep hill in the middle at which point people were left to go at their own pace, to stop if needed (it showed the power of the poles that nobody did).  A reminder of the technique for walking up and down hill was given.

At the end of the walk, we had a cool down and leaflets were given out regarding the Nordic Walking Festival (17 May) and also a reminder that the next walk was at Druridge Bay (14 June).

Next stop everyone went to the Muddy Boots Café (where the old Tourist Information Centre was) where we all stopped for food and drinks.  Highly recommended.

I look forward to see you all very soon.



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