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Nordic Walk - Newton by the Sea

Nordic Walk - Newton by the Sea

Sun 10th April 2016

Well the weather wasn't looking promising this morning but by the start time we had blue sky and the temperature was rising.

As is usual with the Nordic Nuts everyone arrived very early.  We headed down to the beach and I taught our new Nuts (Kath and Martyn) and invited anyone else to join us.

We had a couple of visitors who joined us on our walk in Bramble (the black lab) and Edith, another Nut.

We headed along the beach towards Dunstanburgh Castle. 

Jean took me to one side and said "Julie my gloves are rubbing on my hand".  I looked at her gloves and said "Jean that's because they are on upside down".  Jean then said "but Jane put them on my poles".  I watched Jean trying to put her gloves on and at this point couldn't help but laugh out loud because as well has having her gloves on upside down she had her right glove on her left hand and vice versa.  Gloves put right Jean said "that feels better"!  People wonder why we are called "Nordic Nuts".

The group stretched out as everyone walked at their own pace, the beauty of walking on the beach is we can't get lost (even Julie Detour Barnett).

We stopped to let everyone catch up and I explained how you can use the sand to check you aren't dragging your poles, leaving only a small hole in the sand and you can work on your technique, something I do regularly when I am walking alone. 

Catherine asked me to check her technique and give her some pointers.  This is the beauty of having an instructor on the walk the expertise is available there and then.

There was a section on the sand which was very wet, so a little plodging took place as we made our way towards Dunstanburgh Castle.  We ran out of sand so turned around and headed back to Newton by the Sea and cake and tea!  Surprisingly Martyn and Steve were well in front of the rest of the group although maybe the lure of food was too much for them.

We headed up to Newton Point and around the field which gave the newbies an opportunity to see the difference between sand and grass. 

We bid a sad farewell to Bramble and Edith.  Edith apologised if anyone had sore shoulders or legs from throwing and kicking Bramble's ball.

Everyone got back to their cars said goodbye to Laura and Catherine who weren't coming for tea and headed to the Joiners Arms where most of us decided to have food rather than just cake.  The staff at the Joiners Arms dealt with the noise, confusion and cheek of some of our group very well. 

What a fantastic shorter walk (4 miles) with a great group of people.  Keep an eye on the website as there will be another beach nordic walk on either the 11th or 12th June.

Thank you to Laura for her help as always, thank you to everyone who came along and thank you Steve for your photos. I hope you all had fun and hope to see you very soon.

Don't forget the Nordic Challenge Walks on 16th April.

See you soon

Julie x


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