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Nordic Walk - Pilgrims Causeway to Holy Island - 23rd August 2015

Nordic Walk - Pilgrims Causeway to Holy Island - 23rd August 2015

Thu 27th August 2015

This was the second Nordic walk of the weekend along the Pilgrim’s causeway to Holy Island.  Weather forecast checked, poles packed, Laura and I left the Lindisfarne Inn to meet everyone, including Paul a new volunteer, at the Barn at Beal.  This was a very large group of 25!

As Laura and I were sitting at the Barn at Beal I saw 2 ladies walk past us and I said to Laura they are with us, she thought I was psychic until I mentioned I saw the email in her hand.

Paul arrived and I went through what was expected of him volunteering with us, which was basically, learn to Nordic walk, enjoy the walk and talk to the group.  I explained that a lot of the group were regular Nordic walkers and were all very friendly.

Laura checked off participants and I took the new members of the group to be taught the technique before we started the walk proper.

The group got together and completed the warm up.  I explained we had just under a mile to walk on the path to the causeway where we would then take our shoes off to walk across the sands following the poles which should be kept on our right.

On reaching the causeway we took our shoes off and started walking over the seaweed which was interesting as some people were slipping but nobody from our group fell over.

We headed up the sands and came across a large expanse of water which was quite deep, the shorter members of the group skirted the outside whilst the taller walked through the deeper part.

We were then walking on sand and seaweed and occasional patches of salt-water mud.  The salt-water mud was very interesting and proved to be the point where a couple of members of yesterday’s group fell over.  No one from the Sunday group fell over.

We continued towards Holy Island and another large expanse of water where we took the opportunity to wash our legs and feet.  The salt-water mud comes off really easily.

The group had got very stretched but the beauty of this walk is that everyone can be seen so it isn’t a problem.  We all stopped at the end of the causeway to dry our feet and put our shoes back on before going to the Pilgrims Coffee House for our break.  We had been the day before so knew it was good and luckily we managed to get some tables and chairs.  A few others took their sandwiches to another part of the island.

Refreshments consumed.  A few of the group decided to head back to the causeway on their own.  I left Paul and Laura to bring the rest of the group down to the causeway and I hurried to catch the rest up.  When I reached them I asked “who’s responsible for the mutiny?” everyone pointed to each other.

The route back missed the salt-water mud but we walked through slimy seaweed and then came across the large expanse of water.  I walked across (up to my knees) and warned the shorter members to skirt the water as they would be swimming.

We all got back to the causeway, dried our feet and put our shoes on again and headed up the path to the Barn at Beal.  Unfortunately the Barn at Beal was closed so a few of us were going to the Lindisfarne Inn for refreshments.

Cool down and stretches done.  I thanked everyone for coming along and hoped they had enjoyed it and hoped to see them again. 

Thank you Laura and Paul for your help.  It was invaluable.

We will be setting up a Facebook group for Nordic walking when we can think of a title for it.

We hope to see you all on 19th September for Humbleton Hill (near Wooler).

Thank you

Julie, Laura & Paul xx


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