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Nordic Walk - Souter Lighthouse to South Shields

Nordic Walk - Souter Lighthouse to South Shields

Mon 19th January 2015

This was our first Nordic walk South of the Tyne from Souter Lighthouse to South Shields Seafront and back, which was part of the feedback we had received from our questionnaire we asked to be completed last year.

I checked the Met Office and the forecast for the day didnít look great, rain or sleet from 9 am until 3pm.  Nevertheless car packed with poles, warm clothes and waterproofs I set off to the car park at Souter lighthouse, which was locked!  Detour Julie strikes again, we all headed off to the car park beside the Grotto pub/restaurant, which would make the walk slightly shorter.  

The group consisted of people who had never tried Nordic walking, people coming back to Nordic walking and some of our regulars.

Poles sorted out I started off with a training session for those new and coming back to Nordic walking.  They took to it very easily and we were soon ready to start.  

We did a very quick warm up as everyone just wanted to get started and down to Minchellaís for a cup of tea.  Also we wanted to avoid any wet weather as it had stopped raining/sleeting at that point.

As always everyone went at their own pace and the group soon stretched with Debbie and Rachel taking up the lead at a fair old pace.  We were walking on the grass as the path was slippery but as the grass was very short this didnít hamper anyoneís technique or enjoyment, apart from slightly damp feet.

As we walked past the Gypsies Green Stadium the beach was spotted and some members of the group went along the beach whilst some others stayed on the path.  As we all know the beach is a great surface to Nordic walk on and the group on the beach were very happy to be able to really push their technique.

Minchellaís was busy but luckily we all managed to get seats and the cups of tea and cappuccino were very welcome just to warm everyone up (no ice cream for anyone).  I checked that everyone was okay and as one lady was struggling with the length of the walk following recent knee operations the group split into two sections one section followed the path we had taken down and the others took the shorter path.  

The weather had stayed dry on the way down and as Angela and Geoff looked over to Tynemouth we realised we couldnít see the Priory and we all picked up the pace so we could hopefully miss the bad weather.  As we were elbows were starting to bend so I gave a little encouragement to everyone to straighten them and everyone soon realised that once we were walking quicker the elbows didnít bend.  We got to the Grotto and we decided to walk to Souter Lighthouse (as we had had to start elsewhere) just to make sure we walked the whole 7 miles, chancing the weather.

We were very lucky as it didnít start raining until we had got into the Grotto and were sitting drinking our tea and coffees.  

This was a very enjoyable walk, despite the cold, with a lovely group of people who I hope to see very soon.

Our next walk is on 8th February 2015 which is Bamburgh to Seahouse and return – lots of beach walking to be had – and I hope to see you all there.



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