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Nordic Walk - Whitton Hillhead

Nordic Walk - Whitton Hillhead

Mon 9th March 2015

This is one of my favourite short walks around Rothbury area so I was really looking forward to it.

Everyone met in the car park nice and early and raring to go. Unusually the group was all ladies and most had not been on a Julie Nordic walk, although they had walked with Jane.  I made a quick call to check on a walker who hadn’t arrived to be told that they weren’t coming along.  

As we warmed up I explained that there were two routes at the beginning of the walk, one was up the steps (aka Jacob’s ladder) and the other was up the slight incline on the road.  Needless to say we headed up the incline of the road.

Off we set and everyone soon settled into their walking rhythm and into little groups. I mentioned that I was a stickler for technique and they would probably hear me say “elbows” quite a lot and that the terrain varied from road surface, tracks, grass and a few muddy/clarty areas.  This did not phase anyone.

I was alternating between the groups of ladies to find out a little more about them and also to tweak their technique.

It was a really relaxed group and Sharon and I were just commenting that it was unusual for me not to have slipped on the mud when we noticed a slide mark in the mud.  Everyone came to a stop and we found out it was Sandra who had slipped, in a very graceful almost balletic way, only one muddy knee though and no injury.

We continued on and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as muddy as we expected it to be.

Once we got to the road again we all looked at our poles and the tips were very muddy so that nobody wanted to put their paws back on.  We did find an ingenious way of cleaning them without getting our hands dirty, all you need is a roadside with moss on and rub your pole tips into it and it cleans them up quite well.  We were all feeling very pleased with ourselves.

We headed towards Rothbury, over Lady’s Bridge and across the field to take us onto the riverside path and which point I mentioned that if anyone was interested at the end of the walk we could venture for tea and cake and the pace of the walk picked up even more.  

At the car park we did our cool down and stretches and I told everyone about walks that were coming up even though everyone knew when they were.  Those of us who were up for tea and cake headed into Rothbury.

Unfortunately Tomlinson’s was full, two buses had come in.  We headed to Harley’s tea room where we were greeted with a basket of blue covers for our shoes (which were relatively clean by this point) unlike our poles tips.  Lots of chatter around the table and around an hour later everyone headed home.

I hope to see everyone really soon and definitely at the Nordic Challenge Walks, although most will be on Jane’s shorter walk.

Thank you for your company.



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