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Pennine Way, part 10 - The Street to Clennel Street

Pennine Way, part 10 - The Street to Clennel Street

Fri 18th May 2012

Pennine Way 2012  The Street to Clennel Street

What a difference 16 hrs can make grey overcast threatening skies and a cold SW wind, yet it was not raining so the Sundance’s soft shoe shuffle was working for the moment.
We retraced our steps of yesterday but unlike yesterday the wind speed steadily increased as we gained height, fortunately the wind was to one side and very slightly on to our backs.  As we started the final climb to reach Black Braes we passed a group of Cheviot goats and then just before reaching where the PW crosses The Street we saw another group in the head of Carlcroft Burn.  After some 2.5 hrs of walking we reached the start of today’s Pennine Way section.  But first we stopped for lunch in the lee of Mozie Law.

The wind had by now reached gale force and as it was on our backs was not too much of a problem.  The Foul Step was not as foul as it could be and was easily crossed as we climbed up on to Windy Rigg the wind was being funnelled up Rowhope Burn to blow across the PW at a right angle, it was so strong that we all walked with list to starboard and regularly were blow downwind two or three steps before we regained control of our progress.

The final ascent up to the summit of Windy Gyle was less windy as we were now on the lee side.  A quick stop for photos and once more we were off.  The going became easier as the wind seemed to have eased, the path was made up from limestone slabs and it was down hill.  After a total of just over 2.5 miles of walking the PW we reached the junction where Clennel Street crosses the border into Scotland whilst the Pennine Way continues along the Border Ridge towards The Cheviot.

To get back to our start point (more importantly The tea room at Barrowburn) we had  initially  to follow Clennel Street down hill until the Usway Farm track here we took another footpath that lead us first to Fairhaugh and then back into the wind before finally descending to Lounges Knowe where the tea room beckoned.

What a day, it stayed dry but the wind was some thing else, fortunately we walked the route with the wind behind us for most of the day and although a very strenuous day SM was over the moon or more correctly over Windy Gyle as she had been wanting to climb Windy Gyle for several years. 

PS Tea room food is great.


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