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Pilgrims Way

Pilgrims Way

Sat 15th October 2016

Group met up at The Barn At Beal with several taking advantage of a coffee.  After a discussion on the best thing to wear on ones feet we set of along the cycle way to the start of the causeway.

Walking along the causeway was not as frightening as it can be as there were only a few cars using it.  Having crossed the bridge over the South Low we stepped onto the sands.  Several members of the group took of boots and socks off to walk it bare foot.

This was one of the driest crossings Mike had made with just the odd shallow pool of water.
About half way across there is a very muddy section, Mike had been told that if he went more to the south of the posts it was less muddy and sure enough it was slimy but only not a clarty as trying to follow the posts.

Once round the muddy section we re-joined the line of the poles and reached the second refuge, with one brave soul climbing up for the sheer fun of it!  Even the stream that runs near the end of the posts had only an inch or two of water in it.

Having reached the island at Chare Ends we headed into the village of Holy Island for a quick coffee.  The group reassembled one hour later at Chare Ends.  From here we could see that the tide had turned as there was less sand exposed.

So without further ado we set off after four of the group decided to walk back via the causeway.  The first part couple of hundred yards was a lot wetter than the outward journey but it then sand must rise just enough for us to leave the watery bits behind and once more the walk back was relatively dry.

As we approached the bridge again over the South Low we could see a large mixed flock of swans swimming in the water and a solitary sea up out on the sands.  One of the group got quite close to the seal and took a photo.

By now the group who had walked the causeway joined us for the final walk uphill back to the Barn at Beal.


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