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Simonside Nordic Walk  13th December 2015

Simonside Nordic Walk 13th December 2015

Mon 14th December 2015

What a fantastic walk to complete a very successful and enjoyable year in Nordic walking.

We all met up in the Shepherds Walks shop in Rothbury, lots of chatter whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.  Martin and I sorted out mulled wine and mince pies between our rucksacks.

Christmas hats donned we headed outside where we took the opportunity for a group photograph before we did our warm up and I introduced, Martin, Laura and myself to the group.

Warmed up we headed towards the river and over the bridge, which was a bit icy and we headed up past Sharps Folly.  The group soon settled into their own pace.  Laura was bringing up the rear with Martin striding off in the front and me dotting in the middle.

The next hill we came to was Whitton Hillhead, this is a great hill to Nordic walk up although it is challenging.  At the top whilst everyone waited for the group to come together again.  Kirsten and Paul offered around boiled sweets.  The route levelled out a bit and we headed down to Lordenshaws Car Park. 

Next up was the route up to the Beacon and Dove Crag, which is where the decorated Christmas tree is located.  Martin had got to the top with quite a lot of the group.  The rest of the group were with me and as is usual with one of my Nordic walks we had a slight detour, we turned around and headed up to join the rest of the group.

Martin had got out his homemade mulled wine and mince pies, however I had the cups and hot chocolate, so they had to wait.  Martyn had brought Stollen and Richard chocolate muffins to share with the group.

Ruth was first to try the mulled wine and her comment was “yummy yummy in my tummy”.  The mince pies were not your typical small mince pies but they went down a treat.

Kirsten and Paul offered around Danish Aquavit (a Danish spirit) which definitely warmed us up.  We all said Skål, the Danish word for cheers, John offered Rusty Nail (whisky and Drambuie) and Martin had a whisky in his hip flask.

Whilst we were partaking of our refreshments we were passed by a lot of other walkers.  We shared our mince pies and chocolate muffins but not the mulled wine as that had all been drank.

Next was our group photograph in front of the decorated Christmas Tree and cue a sing song of We wish you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which was totally out of tune (mainly by me) and everyone around us gave us a round of applause.  Well we are the Nordic Nuts!

Now for the descent from Dove Crag and through the forest.  We had done very well bearing in mind the ground had been very muddy and on occasions icy that no-one had slipped over then Catherine slipped on the mud but landed on the snow, Ruth and I helped her up.  Apparently it was very a very graceful slip.  Sorry no photograph (well it was her first walk with me!) no injury sustained so off we headed along the Sandstone Way (the new cycle route).  We retraced part of our route before heading off back to the car park.  In fact some of the group had rushed ahead led by Laura and had left the car park before I got there.

Elbows (Geoff), Angela, Ruth, Martin and I headed off to Tomlinsons for the customary tea and cake stop, whilst Kirsten and Paul went to the pub.  Ruth's pedometer said that we had walked 9.5 miles although when martin and I recce'd it it was only 7 miles.  Oops.

Thank you everyone for making this such a lovely walk.  The weather was perfect even down to the crunchy snow.

Special thanks to Martin for the mulled wine, mince pies and for volunteering (err sort of) and Laura for being my volunteer.

Don’t forget to check out the 2016 programme.  The next Nordic walk is in the diary for 16th January 2016 at the Derwent Walk.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I hope to see you soon.



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