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St. Oswalds Way, part 8 - Harwood to Little Bavington

St. Oswalds Way, part 8 - Harwood to Little Bavington

Mon 3rd March 2014

As usual sundance had soft shoe shuffled all week and Friday was sunny, Saturday was sunny but Sunday was forecast for rain by lunchtime had the old magic worn off?

After a bright dawn by the time we met up a Little Bavington it had clouded over. A quick transfer and we were back at Harwood where we had finished last year’s walks.  A short walk along the road and after crossing a style we experienced what the rest of the days walk was going to be like, soft, slippery clarts and a cold breeze into our faces.

As we slipped and slithered our way across the fields towards the farm Fairnley.  From here it changed from soft to boggy.  It was round about now that Mike gave every one a shock as he suggested we could stop for a coffee as it was nearly 11 o’clock .  After coffee a firmish farm track lead us to and through Catcherside.

Once more we were in the clarts making a short uphill climb interesting.  Over a style to be faced with a wide area of bog we had to pass through with a burn also trying also to find its way through.  Climbing a small rise we came across a sheep on its back so our resident super hero went across and heaved it right way up, yep typical just ran off and did not even says Baa never mind thanks.  A short walk along the old Wanney Line and we had reached Knowesgate.  It was only a short walk to lunch stopping just to the north of Kirkwelpington.

After lunch a short very clarty walk we entered Kirkwelpington.and found a handy comfort stop.  A pleasant walk along a tarmac road soon gave way to another plodge across open fields before another section of road to West Harle.  From here a short descent lead us to the worst section of clarts on the whole walk.  It was uphill, bad enough but it was also churned up by tractors and animals the combination made this really arduous. Once more we welcomed walking along a farm track that took us to Great Bavington.

After leaving Great Bavington we walked along another road heading off to walk through a paddock. We all crossed the electric fence safely but at the other side of the paddock Mike forgot it was an electric fence and got quite a shock when he touched the wires (much too everyone’s amusement).  From here we had only a walk across a couple of fields to Little Bavington.  We carefully walked along the main road back towards to the cars.


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