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St Cuthbert's Way Challenge Walk

St Cuthbert's Way Challenge Walk

Sat 11th August 2012

Well done to everybody who completed this 19.5 mile challenge walk.

After checking in at Wooler all the participants got on a number of busses that took them up to Morebattle for the start of this truly stunning challenge walk.

Initially they climbed Wideopen Hill, the highest point on the St Cuthbert's Way before climbing up through The Cheviot Hills. What a day!

You can view the finishing times for all participants by clicking here.

Please enjoy the YouTube film and the pictures from the day. I very much hope you can join us again next year.

Posted By: Robert | Sun 12th August 2012

A short note of personal thanks to you and your excellent, friendly team for the flawless organisation of yesterday's walk. After the necessary but exhausting (!!!) initial ascent I enjoyed every minute of it. Come to think of it, even that first ascent is being viewed through rosy coloured specs this morning :-).

The whole event had a lovely, communal feel and I am most certainly going to sign up for some more. From the friendly registration process to the final cheery completion congratulations, restorative cup of tea and slice of millionaire's shortbread I cannot fault annything.

Thanks again - the work involved for you and the team was obviously colossal but I hope that you all get great satisfaction from a job well, no - perfectly done!

All the best,

Posted By: Julie Barnett | Sun 12th August 2012

What a fantastic walk and day. I think my highlight was definitely the hill at the very beginning (NOT!), thanks for that Jon!

I nordic walked for most of the 19.5 miles which made the hills a bit easier and meant I could walk quicker on the flat and downhill parts.

The scenery was spectacular, the weather perfect and the cuppa at CP3 very welcome. It's amazing after you finish and wake up the next day you kinda forget how difficult it was except for the sore feet and aches.

I'd like to thank all of the Shepherds Walks staff and volunteers (Jon, Jane, Richard, Mike, Margaret, John, Matt and of course Harry and Lois). Many thanks also to the Mountain Rescue Team who were everywhere telling me they wouldn't give me a lift to the end when I asked them!

Julie x

Posted By: Stephen Cattle | Sun 12th August 2012

The walk like all the challenges I have done with Shepherds Walks was really well organised and very enjoyable. The route was fantastic-really well thought out and a lovely part of St Cuthbert's Way. Starting in Morebattle north of the border was great and the view from the hill at the start was breathtaking. The rest of the day was a joy too-beautiful scenery and ideal walking conditions. The staff at the checkpoints as always were really supportive and the cup of tea at check point 3 very welcome. I think it was Mike who was making the tea-apologies if I get his name wrong but he is always a joy at the events. Really supportive and he makes a good cup of tea!

Posted By: Ally. | Mon 13th August 2012

No Pain, No Gain! Well worth the effort to Wideopen Hill.Well organised as usual, well done to the support team, fro the youngest members onwards, they make it all work.The Rose Tinted Glasses are beginning to have their effect as the aches ease. It wasn't that bad really. Dare I say, looking forward to next year.

Posted By: Jean Cawkwell | Tue 14th August 2012

The walk itself was very challenging but the scenery was amazing. Its somewhere where I have never walked before so I needed to stop several times to take photos - it was nothing to do with the steep hills!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the day special, the Mountain Rescue Team did who do a brilliant job, and to all my fellow walkers - we made it!

Looking forward to Kielder now to finish our "Going for Four".

Posted By: Joanna Davies | Thu 16th August 2012

Just like to say I did enjoy the walk on Saturday 'St Cuthberts Way '. Hope to complete another challenge next year.

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