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St Oswalds Way Part 5 - Boulmer to Warkworth

St Oswalds Way Part 5 - Boulmer to Warkworth

Thu 18th July 2013

With the weather being what it has been Hot, sunny and decidedly Sticky, Sundance decided that he would be pushing things just a bit too far if he performed the old soft shoe shuffle and got even hotter weather.  So he left it to the Fate’s to decide on what to do.  As it turned out it was a wise decision. 

Overnight mist was slowly burning back to the coast and as we parked up at Walkworth the sun was trying to sine through the mist although by the time the mini bus had taken us to Boulmer for the start of the walk it had not made much progress.  After the group photo we set off south pass Boulmer Haven walking to Seaton Point here the path takes you along the beach to Foxton Hall a short loop over the golf course brings you back on to the cliffs above Marden Rocks.  From here the path goes between two golf courses.  At the Gun Battery the path descends down into Alnmouth and passes a comfort stop.  From here we followed the river inland and as we had not had a 11 o’clock coffee break we stopped for an early lunch.

After lunch we crossed Alnmouth road bridge and now walked along a cycle way for 3km which eventually took us to about 200m opposite Alnmouth but on the south side  of the river.  We now continued south along the track on the landward side of the dunes before passing through yet another caravan site and yet another golf course. Part way along the golf course we took a path that lead us to the beach. A hard walk along the beach for 1km brought us back to the cars.

Another dry walk that was not too hot due to the sea mist early on and a cooling breeze for the rest of the day.


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